Web App Installer

A 1–click Web Apps Installer with more than forty PHP scripts

Within the Web Hosting Control Panel you will find a quick, single–click Applications Installer tool, by using which you can install over 40 totally free PHP scripts. It is to help you publish your online journal, bulletin board, online photo album or web store online within seconds. Simply pick your desired software, fill in some details and click the Install button. And that’s it! Our system will carry out the installation instead of you within seconds. No code to write, absolutely no scripts to set up.

Website Builder

Publish your business or personal site with a single click of the mouse

Going online is incredibly easy with the Web Site Generation Application incorporated into your Web Hosting Control Panel. Simply pick a template from our collection of 100+ personal and business themes and after that add your web site content (photos, text, etc.) with just a click. To bring your website online, just hit the Publish button. It is that easy. You may use the builder for all the domain names within your hosting account.

Website Installer

Start your own web sites with a single click of the mouse

Launching your web site is a breeze with the fast, 1–click Web Site Installer. No setup is involved, absolutely no web page design abilities are needed. Just specify the kind of website you would like – business or personal, as well as a design layout of your liking. After that push the Install button and your new web site will be published online in a jiffy. You will find the Website Installer in the WebFaddsHosting.com Web Hosting Control Panel.

VPN Access

Secure, anonymous web browsing

If you live in a place with rigorous web browsing rules but want to explore the World Wide Web as much as possible, we have a solution for you. Using any of our shared hosting packages, you can get Virtual Private Network access and explore the web freely. All you have to do is set up a brand–new network using the detailes we offer and we’ll route your entire incoming and outgoing website traffic through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers.

True Cloud Platform

We’ve deployed the most recent cloud server technologies when building our own web hosting platform, which is invulnerable to unexpected service disturbances and outages. All the services associated with your web site like DNSs, e–mail messages, databases, apps, etcetera are run on separate machines so that even if there’s an excessive load problem, your website will still be working seamlessly.

30–Day Money–Back Guarantee

Not happy with your site’s speed? Claim a refund.

We’re trying our best to deliver a top–quality cloud hosting service to you. A whole new shared hosting platform, a selection of high–end Datacenter Facilities along with a set of Web Accelerator Applications will guarantee the very best loading speeds for your web sites. Nevertheless, if you aren’t content with our cloud web hosting services, you can request a full refund in the first thirty days of your registration.

Data Backups

Your web site content can be retrieved anytime

No website is secured against hack attacks. Your website can be affected even by involuntary web site content deleting on your part. Thanks to our data back–up copy service, we’ll easily recover your web site content at any time. Aside from the everyday server backups that we’re creating, you can yourself create manual back–up copies of all your website content with a click of the mouse using the File Manager, which is conveniently integrated into your Web Hosting Control Panel. Simply generate a zipped archive of the file(s) that you would like to manually back up and put it in a location of your liking.

24x7 Support

Contact us 24–7

You can contact us 24–7–365 with any questions that you may have regarding our shared hosting solutions. You can reach us by e–mail and via the ticket system and we will get back to you in up to sixty minutes. In fact, our average response time is less than 20 minutes. What’s more, you can call us up or use the live chat service during business hours.

File Manager

Control all your files with one click

Within the Web Hosting Control Panel there’s an integrated drag & drop File Manager, which will grant you full control over your files & folders. Drag a picture or a text file from your personal computer and upload it onto our hosting server in a second. You’ll be able to create, rename, move, copy, delete and pack/unpack files and folders. You can edit a file via a simple code editor or even via a WYSIWYG editor and view the changes online in real time.

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