A data center is a special facility where providers store the hosting servers employed for their online or offline services - Internet hosting, mail servers, computing, file storage, etcetera. The data center offers the conditions for the web servers accommodated there to function at their very best capacity while preserving their life. This is achieved by providing the best environmental conditions - temperatures, air humidity, protection against disasters, and so on. All data centers also have electrical power and Internet backups, which are a safeguard in case of infrastructural issues, and which ensure the consistent operation of the machines and the access to them. The limited access to this type of facilities provides an additional layer of security against unauthorized access by third-parties. In the event that you use the web services of any firm, a good data center will tremendously increase the standard of the service and your user experience.
Data centers in Shared Hosting
We offer our shared hosting plans in five outstanding data centers around the world as to provide you with a choice to select the one closer to you or to your target market. Our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform is provided in all five of them, so you will enjoy the same level of service regardless of your choice. The facilities which are based in the U.S., the United Kingdom, AU, BG and Finland, offer multi-gigabit connectivity via a number of backbone Internet service providers and powerful backup generators to make sure that your websites will be operational all of the time. Since competent technical support teams deal with our machines on all three continents, we are able to focus on creating new services and improving the existing ones all the time, so we can give you the first-class web hosting service that you've always desired.
Data centers in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our effective semi-dedicated server packages are available in five data centers around the globe with the target to present you with the opportunity to get the best possible Internet hosting service for your websites irrespective of where you or your website visitors are situated. As soon as you reach the order page, you shall be able to opt for SteadFast in the U.S., Pulsant in the United Kingdom, TelePoint in BG, Ficolo in Finland or Amaze in Australia. We've picked out these facilities because they offer remarkable services and can keep all web servers that are a part of our innovative cloud hosting platform working at all times and at their best capacity. Each and every facility uses numerous backbone Internet service providers with multi-gigabit routes, diesel generators and highly effective UPS units as a failsafe in case of an infrastructural problem. They all also have experienced 24/7 support teams which can react in minutes to any unforeseen issue that appears. Using these data centers permits us to concentrate on enhancing our services all of the time, so we canprovide you with the best possible web hosting service for your sites.
Data centers in Dedicated Servers
The dedicated servers which we provide to our potential and present clients are kept inside one of the major data centers in North America - the SteadFast facility, that is based in Chicago, IL. The fantastic location in the heart of the continent is the key reason for numerous companies to select the data center for their servers as direct fiber routes to many of the larger cities through numerous Tier-3 Internet providers guarantee fantastic access speeds. This redundancy and powerful diesel generators which could keep the whole facility working for days guarantee that your dedicated machine will be working and accessible inspite of any infrastructural difficulties or natural disasters. We also have spare parts there and a competent support staff that is available 24/7 to handle any hardware issue that may surface. With a dedicated server within our Chicago data center, you'll enjoy a quick and efficient web hosting service and you'll be able to reach millions of Internet users easily.