The Control Panel has been made to bring in creativity to the basic website administration interface. The previous Control Panel pioneer – cPanel, was made more than ten years ago and hasn’t experienced a significant upgrade ever since. The Control Panel is built on the concepts of the present, carrying simplicity of use and intuitiveness to all site managing tasks you could bring to mind.

Scroll down and explore the 2 main website management tools, get to know more about their good and bad points and see which one of them will meet your demands the most.

1. Domain/billing/site adjustments

The Control Panel helps you effortlessly manage all of your domains, email addresses and sites with just a mouse click. In this manner, you will be able to manage every aspect of your online presence from a single interface.

When you need independent site management interfaces – one for your web sites, and yet another from which you can handle your domains and invoicing, then cPanel is good for you. Nonetheless, you’ll have to log into 2 URLs at the same time to successfully handle your web presence.

2. File Arrangement

With the Control Panel, each domain and subdomain will have its folder in the main cloud hosting account directory. That way, all sites will be fully insulated from one another.

If you try to control various sites from one cPanel website hosting account, it could be quite a bit perplexing. You’ll have just one principal website and all additional sites and subdomains are going to be included into its folder as sub–folders. If you’d like to have a different folder for every single web site, you must utilize different Control Panels for each of them.

3. File Manager

The Control Panel offers a simple point–and–click File Manager, which lets you publish files by just dragging them in the web browser. You will get instant access to all the characteristics by means of helpful right click context menus. You should as well apply program code and WYSIWYG editors. All actions are easy to use.

The cPanel’s File Manager provides you with restricted control of your files and directories. You’ll have difficulty adding numerous files simultaneously and will not have the capacity to drag and drop files since this operation is just not included. A zip/extract function isn’t available either. File updating applications have also been minimized in number.

4. Free–of–charge Bonus Features

If you are seeking to obtain a better value for your bucks, then the Control Panel is your solution. It has no–charge gifts that are likely to cost you over $1000. You will be able to employ our Web Site Installer, Applications Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Web Site Generation Application and you’ll have access to a significant collection of free–of–cost design templates.

The cost–free tools packaged in the cPanel Control Panel may differ from zero to several. All zero–cost gifts inside the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and will be accessible on condition that your web hosting provider has acquired a certification to offer them. This way, if your host complimentary bonus features along with your plan, they’ll in fact raise the cost of the package.

5. Control Panel Performance Rates

The Control Panel has been built making use of the most advanced Internet technologies. In this way, it employs fully the power of your browser and web connection to assist you to control your sites quickly. In our comparison tests, when conducting equivalent operations,’s Control Panel demonstrated three times quicker rates as opposed to well–established control panels.

cPanel is still performing on a platform from 2000’s and can really be slow at times. The cPanel team has carried out a substantial step with the roll–out of cPanel accelerated. Then again, in evaluation tests, standard web site management operations frequently display better results with other Control Panel tools.

6. Multi–domain Management

Using the Control Panel, you are able to control numerous domain names and web sites from a single location. Moving between domain management and website management is done by switching to another area of the Control Panel. There’s no need to log into a different interface to handle your website.

If you try to accommodate several domain names in a cPanel web hosting account, you’ll end up confronted with a truly perplexing folder hierarchy. In general, cPanel web hosting accounts are created to work with only 1 domain name. In this manner, if you need to manage 10 domain names simultaneously, for instance, you’ll have to build ten separate accounts. Otherwise, all of the additional domains’ files will be situated in the folder of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

The Control Panel is very simple to browse through. You’ll have a helpful top menu, from which you may get to virtually any part of the Control Panel, without the need to go back to the index page every time. In addition, we have added a quick statistics widget on the main page, so each time you sign in, you can have information of how many site visitors have attended your website.

The cPanel Control Panel offers all available icons on the homepage, which means that it’s not at all designed to your specific necessities. At the same time, once you access a menu, you won’t be able to immediately change to another and need to to get back to the home page alternatively. This kind of navigation could be quite bothersome for you, especially if you work with many sections anytime you change your web sites.

8. Test Accounts

With the Control Panel, we have put together a fully featured demo version for you to check out before sign–up. You will get access to an evaluation shared hosting plans account where you’re able to setup mail addresses, install web apps, make new subdomains, and build a website with one of the web–site builders, and so forth. In case you like what you have come up with – you are able to sign up within the demo account and keep the things you have created up to now.

From the demo account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll be able to only get acquainted with appearance of its user interface. Nearly all functions are inactive and you can’t in reality get past the home page. With the majority of web hosting providers, you will be granted entry to a generic cPanel demo version, and will not have the option to preview the Control Panel you will in fact be working with to look after your websites in case you sign up.

We could include every section of our Web Hosting Control Panel here and match it up against the cPanel Control Panel. Nevertheless, it’ll be a lot quicker if you simply take a quick look at our live demo and find out the real difference by yourself.

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